Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

Dig in (enough!)

Sick until it stabs.
Another word for drip?
A sinner in the ocean of love,
Drowns expecting lust.
A hush,
We laugh
When her soul departs.
Disgust fills the depth of scars,
Glowing white,
The prettiest abuse
Is done to the self.
A beautiful mind,
And with a fist
I r@pe away the innocence.
If heathens hadn't claimed her,
My trophy she would be.
My c((u))nt,
My wretched beast,
With a neck worth slitting for.
We watch her flail,
Have you seen this before?
Quite a dance,
Dig in.
There's enough
To go around.


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Dig in (enough!)

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