Beautiful Disaster

On Swinging (Free Verse)

Life's stressors
Will weigh you down
Each worry, a stone
Slowing your step
Bruising your back
As the load you carry
Gets heavier
Shoulders droop
Stings your eyes
Causing you to stumble
Into a swing set
Tired from the journey
Sore from all the stones
You'll sit down
On a swing
The balls of your feet
Push off the ground
Sending the swing
Into motion
Lightly pumping your legs
Out and back in
You'll lift yourself up
Briefly closing your eyes
Take a breath of fresh air
Before you know it
You'll dwell in the skies
And all of those worries
You've carried around
Fall out of your pockets
And onto the ground
Clouds kiss your cheek
As you swing up
To greet them
Tilt back your head
And your hair runs wild
Dancing in the wind
Flying free
Up in the air
A different point-of-view
You'll see things anew
Filling your mind
With snapshots of beauty
Stuffing your pockets
With handfuls of hope
Two dandelions
Two wishes, unwished
A goose feather
To help you fly
And a piece of rubber
From a worn-out swing
As a reminder
With all of that hope
In your pockets
There will be
No room left
For trivial worries
Of yesterday
Or tomorrow

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