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Lie In Waiting......

I felt the breeze blow through my hair,
The sea spray on my skin,
The harshest winter left me cold,
And bitter deep within,
But now the sun lit up the sky,
The clouds defied the rain,
The sound of silence ruptured,
The lonesome gull's refrain,

The little harbour welcoming,
A soul that passes through,
Though dark clouds linger overhead,
Above the skies are blue,
Quaint busyness as usual,
In the town that time forgot,
I mingle in the mindfulness,
Where memories are sought,

An early capture by the sea,
A late friend by my side,
We watch the vacant house to let,
We watch approaching tide,
And bold the colour of the blue,
And white the palest pale,
The old seadog composing,
His patriotic tale,

Thoughts scattered on an empty shore,
Bereft of humankind,
Lie in waiting for a season,
That someone left behind….

Linda Stuart Harnett ©2010.

Music 'First Kiss/Linda Sea Sounds' by my good friend Ed Walker.


Spent four lovely days in beautiful Ayrshire with a friend,
it was a healing experience that was long overdue.

Linda X

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Lie In Waiting......