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 Wake Up America!


Is Arizona on the path to surrender?

It makes me sick to see the great state of Arizona being over run by illegal hoards of squatters and criminals while our Federal government stands by and does nothing to stop it!
This is the final results of neglect on immigration issues by both political parties over the past fifty years.
There has always been adequate laws on the books to deal with the illegal immigration problem, but there was never enough backbone in either party to enforce those laws.
Now we are witnessing chaos in our border states.

There is only one viable solution to this ever growing problem.
Reestablish our borders and strictly enforce our immigration laws.
Set a date and begin deporting all illegal aliens, and continue to do
so until the last illegal alien has been deported.
Let Mexico know that we are no longer going to tolerate the
unarmed invasion of our nation by their unemployed population
as well as every country south of their board.

It's not practical? It not that simple?
It sure in the hell bets the alternative of surrendering
our border states to a foreign power!

Wake up America!
This is not immigration… it's an unarmed invasion!
There are legal ways to immigrate to this great country.
No American opposes orderly legal immigration.
ATTION…It time that the government of this country
stands up and enforce the law on all of our borders!
If this is not done in the near future the chaos will
quickly become overwhelming in our Southwestern states!

Jackie R. Kays
An American, who has defended the
rights of legal immigrates.

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