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A sense of anticipation
As I climb off the plane
A whole week’s relaxing
As I board the home train

A Bluebell Sunday, Folk Union One
The Watersons are there tonight
Not often I see them but this time
I’ve judged my leave week just right.
Mike shouts "it’s the bloody deserter"
As I walk in through the door
It’s nice to be home having pints
With my old mates once more

Hawkins sits with confidence
As we heave him and his chair
On towards the clubroom
Up that high steep stair
And Bert has his Martin
Always carried along
Just in case he’s invited
To stand and sing a song

Lal and Norma, John and Mike
Are standing there on stage
Singing our heritage
Songs of a less gentle age
And we join in the chorus
And we all sing along
It’s great to hear the Watersons
Belting out a good old song

Not seen them now for years
Mike and Lal sadly gone
But with a new generation
They in some way carry on

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Folk Union One, Hull, 1961