once upon a time


Staring gloomily into his smouldering
Brazier the night-watchman see's all
Humanity's quirks. That guy walking
His dog. The working girl looking her
First trick, then a quick fix as she takes a slow
Trip into hell, and no one cares. The  
Hooded eyes see all beyond his coal filled brazier

Watching late into the night, wraiths drift
Alongside, company throughout his watch.
Quietly they stand hands outstretched
Feeling the only warmth in their careless lives.
Slow clearing of throats, a grunt, murmurs,
The night-watchman acquiesces knowing
They will fade into the night lost in their madness.
His brazier their only moment of sanity.
He has seen it all in the dark shrouded night.
The young, and old, they come then slip away.
The night-watchman notes all hears the words
Tumbling out of fear filled eyes. Nothing he says
Or can do will change anything he simply notes all.  

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