once upon a time

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Setting out on the long dusty road
Hoping we can cast a long shadow
Not knowing where we are going
But smiling and being cheerful as time goes by

Helping strangers through the long lonely nights
Talking, laughing, not letting them think of the cold, cold rain.
Knowing as they shrug their shoulders in the morning sunlight
They will see you have cast a long shadow throughout the cold night.

Find them somewhere to crash and it
Will be better than out on the long dusty road
Maybe a change will take place if we smile
We'll find the sunshine has lengthened their shadow

All they need to do is hold on.
Don't take second best when you have the gift of life.
And you know they are going to cast a long shadow
Simply by wandering back into life so laugh, cheer
God gives everyone that second chance to cast a long shadow

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