once upon a time

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I will, I won't, yes I shall, and no I won't
Okay then I'll scream and shout
Listen to my shouting. You see I'm the echo man
Living here in no man's land
You must understand that no listens
They all repeat themselves
Repeat themselves, repeat themselves
Living here in repeat land hoping
If I say it often enough and listen to my echo bouncing around
Maybe I'll live free in repeat land.

No you won't, yes I shall I'm the repeat man
Simply passing through echo land listening to the echo
Doing the  same as everyone
Not hearing what's spoken
After all if we listened we might truly hear
We might then no longer exist here in echo land

Maybe it would be better if I became the stuttering man
Then everyone would hang on my every word
Better than being the echo man
I shall go, and think about it
Scheme a way to escape this maddening land
You never know, I may leave behind the echo man
Echo man, echo man.


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