once upon a time

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I forgot

What did I forget?  How to laugh.
Most importantly I forgot how to say no.
No to most of the useless demands that being married
heaps upon you in the midst of doing, things?

you lose sight of yourself.
All you have is a worried mind.
Laughter, an alien sound you hear and think, I used to do that.
What happened?   Forgot to laugh.
Just took life to serious and started to live a lie.

Not the lie of family.
They are all important, simply.
Thinking OK you want more,
I’ll go out and get more.

In todays society we want,
what do we want?
More, that we don’t need.
And we forget to laugh.

Dickens stated it years ago.
Earn sixpence save
a penny, happiness.
Spend nine pence, unhappiness.

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