Riding The Wind ..Sequel to The Moment

Change of write appears of late
My needs approach as does the date
Where loneliness is slayed by one
Where barren was today now gone

I sail upon the crest of winds
Invisible yet there lay in
Like magic carpet ride we fly
The heartache song now kissed goodbye

This piece of dream that takes now flight
Has filled my sails of pure delight
Maybe we'll reach real soon tonight
Our resting place of her in sight

She calms the storms inside of me
Though sail we do above all these
For breath of hers has blown away
What troubled us, just yesterday

Warm the feel that blows my way
Cool, gentle these sighs that play
On heartfelt strings inside our soul
This wind of change, I've taken hold

High I'll fly and pray I will
If destiny is ours to fill
For remedy is moment still
To breathe the wind in me fulfilled

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Riding The Wind ..Sequel to The Moment

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