Major Change

It was early '62.  I can't remember the date
No trouble expected as we sat back to wait.

There's just a hissing in my phones
And I can't find my group,
The Disc is going crazy
Nearly looping the loop,
The Troop Sgt Major
Is standing behind my chair
And I swear I can feel
His very best baleful glare.

There's a sense of tension
All around the ops block;
We've lost all contact
With the dreaded 3rd Shock,
And none of the other Armies  
Are on frequency or sched,
And now the Duty Disc is ready
To start banging his head.

They have the Ops on the sets
Sweeping over the freqs
All logging anything
And in less than a week,
In spite of every trick
That they'd gone and tried,
They've found the blooming lot
All numbered, labelled, identified

Now the Disc is working harder
Along with his troop;
Between them they've found
Every single missing group,
And there's a confident speculation
Of the type and range
Of the tricks they'll use to fool us
At their next major change.

We thought we knew them backwards
So very laid back and complacent
And then they played their Ace
And the whole caboodle went
And just for a while
The Y service was in fear
Soon laid to rest by
The Spec Op's skill and ear.

After that it was never easy, always a test
But one for certain, our Spec Ops were the best

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Major Change

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