Tattoos in Mayberry

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Why don't momma love her baby.
Kitty Katty Karma lady.
She's gonna love you and the God above you.
when momma's baby has a blank stare.
Who's gonna prop you up, when l'l sister's
lost her hair. Who's gonna be there
come to kitty cat karma's lair.
she;ll itch on you right here,
she'll scratch you right there,
up, down around the world,
 is her thoroughfare.
How much is the toll,
She'll grab more than half of your whole
When an honorable peace
can't be bought at any price. 
Hit up Kitty's corner
bet you'll round that corner twice
Because she has the kitty katty karma.
You either have it or you don't.
Cause, words aren't all she has to give 
a shifty  pole cat
on a midnight run.
There, I spoke.

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