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7/7 London terror attack 2007

7/7 London terror
On the local bus and heading west,
Going into London town.
There's something happened ahead,
Coz' the police are all around.

There are sirens in the distance,
And panic in the air.
I am early for my interview,
So I do not need to care.

Then a phone call from my brother,
And i asked, "what's all the fuss?"
His words to me were frightening,
"Get off that bloody bus".

He spoke then of the carnage,
Of the scenes of disbelief.
The blood, the smoke, the murder,
The unrequited grief.

I could not travel further,
As the news it quickly spread.
Reports of bombs and suicides,
And of countless people dead.

I walked into a betting shop,
Saw the broadcasts of the news.
Then I saw those scenes of carnage,
And those sad uncensored views.

I saw the blood, the tears,
The shock, the sobbing cries.
I asked God, "what is happening?",
As the tears filled up my eyes.

To the bastards who have killed today,
It is you we do not fear.
For every person you have killed,
There are ten more coming here.

You can bomb us in the tube trains,
On the buses, in the street.
You can hi-jack cars and aeroplanes,
For its us you won't defeat.

You can bomb us in our villages,
You can bomb Old London town.
You can bomb us in the countryside,
For you'll never bring us down................

In memory of the victims of the London bombing of 2007

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