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Ups and Downs

It was a silly argument really;
he went and burned the toast
wreathing kitchen in black smoke
a thing she hated the most.
She kicked off at him verbally,
just didn't want to know
when he tried to apologise,
just wouldn't let it go.

She smacked his face sharply;
reflex action drew back his fist
and suddenly there was blood
on those lips he loved to kiss.
She stood there in shock,
he stood there in shame,
then she drew him to her
whispering his name.

Both stood there quivering
in a type of embrace,
sad little tears rolling slowly
down each forlorn face.
He tried to apologise again
but she gently shook her head
and taking him by the hand
led them quickly to their bed.

He held her very tightly
as both showed their remorse
until renewing their vows
by making love, of course.
It was a strange type of argument,
perhaps it came from stress,
but together they found
their own type of redress.

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Ups and Downs