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 Think of me Alive Not Dead

My wars have come and gone as time
marches on and I now near my last dawn

I can hear the faint sound of taps
playing from a  lonely windswept
hilltop covered with forget-me-nots

I've been up and down
I've crossed the stormy waves
I've climbed that proverbial mountain

I've faced the devil in combat
I've seen bloody helmets and
heard the roar of cannons

I've seen it rain bombs
I've witnessed death at
firsthand, all in the
defense of my homeland

I've prayed to God that I might
live to come home again,
and promised that I would
deny sin

With the good and bad now
at last far behind me,
I await my fate

I look in the mirror and see
the face of an old soldier  
now pale, wrinkled and getting
too old to remember the events
of  that time, long ago

So all I ask,
is that each year when
Memorial Day comes…
leave a rose at my head
and think of this old soldier…
alive not dead.

Jackie R. Kays    
© 7/7/10

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