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Shared Sentiments by wings2fly2heaven

Here's a 'lil rhyme for Bonnee and Zaher

We have a lot in common (smile)

Love is our pen
And so we inspire
Shared sentiments same
Loving true our desire

Moment in time's wave
Only few understand
Distance is eradicated
By hearts touching hands

We've been taken by storm
In a whirlwind of love
Joining bonded hearts
Now blessed from above

Yes true love is real
When you know inside
That special someone
Expression our guide

Mystical and magical
A fragrance permeates
The hearts and souls
That true love penetrates

So here's to us all
Together we stand
With knowledge that we'll
Travel to his great land

To have and hold
And cherish beyond
We truly empathize
And share this same bond

Of a story of love
Perhaps status indeed
The world willingly share
By the words that they read

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Shared Sentiments by wings2fly2heaven



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