once upon a time

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You are in love, and trying to
Make it work whilst, unknown to you
He plays at charades. Sonnets of love,

Talked about, though in his mind, you
Where already cast aside.
Flotsam:- drifting on the tide of love.
Your precious time, wasted.

All the while you tried, didn't tire.
But, knowing deep in your heart,
You're a rose, trampled into dust.

Cast aside, another deserted bride,
Mere chattel of, narcissist love
Walk away, slam the door,

Future unknown, but, you will survive,
 Because you,
Are not afraid of tender love,
His ego, will destroy him.
Once he is cast aside,
A worn out trophy, himself
He can't survive, cannot work at
Loving anyone,he is too selfish.

Believing that,
Tender love shall
Once again be yours
Can sustain you
Until then you know,
In your heart, you tried..

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