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Surrounded by fans and admirers shouting out to me;
Walking the Red Carpet, a delicious woman on my arm.
The huge vacant smile into the cameras, without reality;
The throng of excited people wanting to see a celebrity.

Hollywood and Beverley Hills, silver and gold sparkles;
Keeping myself in the spotlight to keep the cash  flowing.
Selling out my privacy to the poporotsi for the fame;
Living withdrawn deep within this veneer of celebrity.

My ego loves the attention, the glory, the adoration;
But my soul shrinks in horror from what I have become.
Shakespeare never envisioned acting the way it has evolved;
As the talent of absorbing a role is overshadowed by celebrity.

This game gets old so quickly, I hate what I see in the mirror;
Plastic face, worthless smile, eyes without the sparkle of life.
Feeling trapped by my life of excess, feeding the beast of greed;
Walking as a zombie through the days of my life, still a celebrity.

Depression swallows me as I become lost in this lifeless façade;
Pushing away those who desire me, hating those who love me.
Knowing the cheapness and the shallowness of my reality;
Becoming isolated and lonely, left only is the mask of celebrity.



Wondering aloud what it would be like to be one of those
famous actors out in Hollywood. I'm sure there may be some
who are happy with their lives of celebrity, but I don‘t think
that I could be one of them.

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