once upon a time



I'm bleeding tears in my heart,
that secret place
Shared only with you,
your love dared to enter,
And I was ensnared forever.

you became no
Stranger to my heart,
I knew I could believe in you.
Lord knows it will be sad
walking all alone.

The hard face,the calm face  
that accepting face,shown to
This world only you know of,
The tears i bleed for you,
And only you ever knew the true me.
The heartbreak in my heart,
Reminds me of my mourning
In time the tears
Will cease to flow,
But my memories of you
Shall be forever carried
On the wind when i feel it blow.
As I hold your hand,and
you slip away I accept, that
Among the stars at night
All i need do is, breath a quiet hello.
Be at peace knowing, you are there,
And i can be still.

dedicated to Gerry C, and his dear wife Catherine.

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