Words unspoken, Words unread!

No-where to hide.......

When things go wrong,
As they sometimes do.
The fear, the hurt,
Your world falls on you.

Ignorance, debts,
Bills left unpaid.
The threat of the bailiffs,
Sat there, so afraid.

No way to solve it!!
No place to go.
Suicide. Thinking!
"I can't take it no more".

Walking the streets,
Though going no-where.
Thinking this world,
Is so damned unfair.

"I know what you're thinking",
I've walked that black road.
I've shed all the tears,
And carried that load.

But worry no longer,
There is help at your side.
No more denying,
No need to hide.

People will listen,
Show you which way to start.
Then one day you'll look back,
With a song in your heart.

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