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Snake's  Eye – Apocryphal Tale

He must have offended a myriad of Gods
When he, against all known odds,
(The stuff from which legends are made)
Three times ordered, drunk and paid.
The gathering gathered a sort of local fame
As the fourth attempt started off the same
And he ordered a large double gin
With a dose of Brasso slowly filtered in;
Then, not really to many folks surprise,
Went and threw the dreaded Snake Eyes
The whole Mess gathered around
As he drained his concoction down
(For its an old saying but still true
A man's got to do what a man's got to do
And no matter how it seems absurd
Really has to keep to his word)
Then stood there looking about
Before quite slowly  passing out;
A huge hangover was his price
Of having played that game of dice
But I suppose his real prize  
Was drinking all and staying alive.
When he bucked all those odds
He must have offended so many Gods.

For those many Old Comrades who have played the game, a warning for those who haven't.
The rules are explained in Snake's Eye

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Snake`s Eye – Apocryphal Tale