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 Without Music

Deafening silence in my brain, not hearing a beat;
My dampened spirit walks in noticeable retreat.
What happened to the songs that lifted my soul;
I'm now without music, in my heart there is a hole.

When was that heart song stolen from my life;
Where did it go? All that is left is internal strife.
I listen deeper to hear that sound from within;
Without music,  across my face comes a grin.

A stillness is there now, no humming, no sound;
The silence is sweet, there peace can be found.
Filling in the hole with pure, sweet peace and love;
Without music, my heart song now comes from above.

Different, unique; I sit and listen to the quiet;
My mind and soul is now feeding on another diet.
The Sound of Silence reverberates within me;
As without music comes another way to see.



In meditation, the background music ceases long
enough for me to hear my soul speak to me.

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