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 Wounded Hearts

Hearts twice wounded, twice betrayed;
Skeins of love grown twisted and frayed.
Worried and worn, like a dog's favorite toy;
Hearts gashed and torn, lacking all joy.

We stumbled down paths, lost and alone;
Like two tattered birds, by storm winds blown.
Neither knowing nor caring what fates would decree;
Fettered and chained, our hearts alone free.

Longing for we knew not what, aching inside;
Willing to settle for peace, a safe place to hide.
Somehow, beyond reason, we met, oh blessed day!
The dark clouds were lifted, I felt no longer fey.

I had so very little to offer, tattered remnents alone;
Yet our pieces fit together, our hearts together grown.
That such a wonder as you exist, I never could have guessed;
You truly are my soulmate, no man has been so blessed.

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