Beautiful Disaster

She's A Whore

She's a whore
And everyone knows
How shes uses
And abuses
And leaves the boys
All stranded
She's pretty good
At what she does
Catching their eye
With her
Innocent act
She'll pretend
That you're the only one
While talking to three others
She seems so sweet
So genuine
As she usurps all you have
Siphoning your heart
One -smile- at a time
She tries to come clean
And begin anew
But once a whore,
Always a whore.
She'll come crawling back
Begging for your attention
She'll do anything
To get back that high
I feel sorry for her
She is just so pathetic
Its so obvious
She is just a
Scared little girl
With no respect
For herself
She uses those boys
To build herself up
To try and convince herself
She isn't the trash
Everyone knows she is
When will those boys learn
That she's no good?
I hate her
With every ounce
Of my being
I hate her
Because I hate me
And me is she.

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