once upon a time

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Last night I met an old friend who,
Strangely enough greeted me in an affably way.
Now for  this same guy
I had carried i"ll thoughts for many a day.

Being that insincere man,
I said hello, and talked for awhile.
You know, whilst we talked
The resentment I bore him went away.

 Simple reason
I couldn't remember what had annoyed me
To avoid such a gentle guy,all these years.
It now seems strange that,
All that bitterness, and hurt
Was a wasted effort.

All it did was,
 made me a very unlikeable guy
I took down his mobile, and of course he took mine
It will be strange but,
Good to be in touch again
Ater all this time.

I went on my way
Trying to remember my resentment
Then thought, what's it matter,
 you are both friends again.

Though in all truth it was only me,
Carrying an imagined slight
That drove a wedge
Between me, and such a guy.
All it needs to destroy a friendship
Is silence, and resentment.

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