once upon a time

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Words heard echoing throughout the night
Disappear in the bright light of day
Frozen now, their import lost forever.
All I can do is rise up and get dressed,
Regret the lost words left to dissolve in a warm bed.

No chance to recall all or anything
Those subconscious thoughts
so wise in the dark of the night.
I will sit and think throughout the day
Trying to remember the brilliant poem
I wrote in my mind
During the long dark night,
lost now in daylight
Wondering was it
love or lust.
Hopefully it was about
the beauty of loving.
I can only sit now and think
of love frozen forever.
Knowing it as a love that will last.
That never-ending beauty captured
in soft morning daylight
Never fearing that it will
be consumed by other frozen words.

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