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 Love of a Friend

This is a love not born from the commitments of family;
Neither is it created from two lovers and their romance.
Instead, growing from the fertile ground of our choice;
Is that love of a friend, this love does indeed enhance.

Two soul wandering life's path cross as destiny chooses;
Their souls melt into a friendship of mutual commitment.
United only by their word, a bond stronger than blood;
Standing tall in the love of a friend, this is contentment.

You do not have to walk this rocky path alone, my friend;
For I will walk with you into the new moment, hand in  hand.
Know that I am here, though many miles at times separate;
Embrace that love of a friend, and know… I do understand.

Love is worth everything in this life, let it dance in your heart;
Believe that I will be here when you need me, know that I care.
Destiny set us together on our road,  we chose to walk together;
Know that the love of a friend is precious, we are quite a pair.


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