Tattoos in Mayberry

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Call the doctor when I bleed,
write a letter to a friend in need.
I've heard they got big ole signs on the highways there
says best not mess with Texas. But, I'm gettin ready
to mess with Texas, cuz Texas,she's been messin with the State I'm in.
Cuz,if you wanna be a rock n roll star, you gotta show me your rock n roll heart.
This Bear eats the honey of the bee that sting. I roll like tumbleweed when my
telephone ring. When you want it and you need it and you're breakin all the rules
to get what you wanna get. When you're winnin but you're not there yet,
lost your safety net,
you must be deep in the black heart of Texas. Still,whether
you lead or are misled,and a great divide of loneliness is your stead,
everybody wants to see your Rock n Roll heart,
rock n roll star of Texas.

Buddy Bee Anthony

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