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austerity coalition

the bankers and the politicians
certainly will survive
and if the past is any guide
will almost certainly thrive
and our millionaire leaders
safe in their wealth
are attacking the poorest
with no pretence of stealth
and all those rights
we fought for
on the picket line
will go once more

so many picket lines
so many hungry faces
so many days of solidarity
in so many different places
the bankers and the politicians
could never understand why
a worker wouldn't slave
then with gratitude quietly die

they are turning back the clock
to those days when
a face had to fit
for a man to work again
and a wage will be a pittance
but if a worker wants more
with millions unemployed
its accept or out of the door
but if the past is any guide
they'll not only survive
the bankers and politicians
will almost certainly thrive

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austerity coalition