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Premier League

We fly the flag of St George
to support of our national side,
probably the only time that
we display any national pride.
All our teams are full of foreigners
who don't come very cheap
and they're out to make their money
before they age to the scrapheap.

When your are involved
in such a moneyed game
loyalty means nothing
compared to wealth and fame,
And our home grown players
join in this world of greed
raking in their cash
much more than they need.

And weekly in the stands
the common working man,
backbone of the game,
the loyal football fan,
worships his teams;
for them loyalty is all
to a load of greedy planks
who can just kick a ball.

The world may turn to cinders,
meteorites come crashing  down,
but they'll still be out in force
to support the teamof their town,
and if the team loses
some genuinely grieve
while the ball kicking plank
just laughs up his well paid sleeve.

They have to scour the country
search far and wide to find
enough home grown players
to make an international side.
So, with this situation
is it so extraordinary,
when in t comes to Internationals,
our national team looks so very ordinary.

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Premier League