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 Bump in the Night  

A thick fog rolls over the town on this Halloween night;
Perfect for trick or treating, for enjoying a night of fright.
The moon struggles to shine though the shadowy black;
Carefully watching for a bump in the night, or an attack.

Chills begin to dance up and down the  length of my spine;
I reach for your hand instinctively, but you say you are fine.
We continue to walk from house to house in this dense mist;
Then I feel that bump in the night, my jangled nerves are kissed.

Seeing nothing; only sensing those cold, cold lips on my cheek;
I look over to you, no longer there… don't play hide and seek!
My eyes dart, looking; fear grips my soul… where have you gone?
Then another bump in the night, now my attention is fully drawn.

Still nothingness, just that thick fog; then I hear a distant sound;
It is your voice, I search in a panic, but you are nowhere to be found.
Trembling and shaking, unable to stop… fear grips hard at my throat;
From behind, a bump in the night, then you laugh; "Boo!" you gloat.

Happy Halloween


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