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 Live With Passion

Days turn to weeks, weeks turn to years;
Hiding deep within with too many fears.
Feeling dead, as I go through the motions;
Devoid of any positive nurturing emotions.

The embers are dying quickly in my heart;
Yet not really caring, that is the sad part.
Until I look at you, you revive my desire;
You said, “Live with passion, live with fire!”

I take a step towards you, in comes the light;
No longer living in the darkness of the night.
Powerful surges of love and life explode ;
Wanting to make passion my thrilling abode.

Energy burst from every cell of my body;
I am driven to live, occasionally to be naughty.
 Life begins to have meaning, power, and drive;
You said, “Live with passion, be truly alive!”


Sometimes it takes a good friend to
shatter this cocoon I shroud myself in.
Thank you.

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