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Please, hear my declaration, Africa,
your deserts and your plains call out to me.
Now hear my condemnation, Africa,
the killing of your people cannot be.

You are a land of plenty, Africa,
and yet this sacrifice you do embrace --
your people die each day, no food to eat.
Do you not see this is a vile disgrace?

You are a land of contrast, Africa,
from Mozambique across to Senegal.
Your nations' apathy is cast in stone,
no ears to hear the pleas from great and small.

You're now my inspiration, Africa,
to make my voice be heard across the land.
Create a new foundation, Africa,
your nations must unite and take a stand.

Africa, all your nations, hear my call.
Africa, Great Mother of us all.

Copyright By
Anita Lewis Longino
March 14, 2002

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