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I Am

When you went away
I was lost without you.
My heart wept for you
but you were gone.
I was like a wandering soul
lost within a vast universe,
not knowing which way to go,
not caring if I found my way home.

When you went away
I was left with an aching heart,
my soul ripped apart,
and my life in disarray.
I went through each day
not caring if I would see another,
hoping the sunset would be
the last thing that I would see.

But each day the sun came up,
and I made it through another day
without you, until each day
became easier, and easier,
until the clouds began to lift
and I looked forward to another day.
And now each day the sun comes up
and the birds sing, and the sky is clear,
and I Am.

Copyright By
Anita Lewis Longino
May 6, 2009

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I Am