Walkin on Air

Warped Imagination

At the edge of time's blackest hole
where light bends
and quantum mechanics ends
begins my story:
kaleidoscopic photons bounce  
from the thermodynamic path
charted through the event horizon
at warp speed
bypassing the elsewhere
taking me back,
back in time...

Whirling, twisting, spinning
zapping through singularity
beyond reason:
destination unknown
though I want to change so may things
if only I could;
maybe nobody should?

You know,
a fresh article for the constitution,
bring John Kennedy back
or some such quirk.

But when I get there
my mind blanks:
fascination over what was
overwhelms me,
silence and awe
humbles me into submission.

"Get your ass outta bed!
What you think I run here,
a time-machine hostel?"
my better half yells.
The ground-reality slap
wakes me,
synchronizes my synaptic aberration
reminding me it's Monday.

My only time travel back
is back to work at the same old grind...

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Warped Imagination

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