Walkin on Air


Late 'nite
local dog ruckus: high decibels,
something amiss just outside my door,
evil growls and heavy rain;
fear filtered into my space...
rolled over 'n crashed onto the floor,
dragged myself
to the gate and opened:

Tiny to a fault
he sat shivering with a bleeding tail,
several wild curs
snarling their killer instinct
retreated at my rebuke;
mangled and terrified
the kitten begged me to admit him
eyes pleading for mercy...

Time it took,
eventually he came close
and we became inseparable;
had no money as such,
poverty is not a crime
but Pesky neverminded,
ate all the fish and chicken scraps
market rejections and friendly add-ons;
he knew I loved as he
not for the money but for the need...

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