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There are those times when we have all wondered
If our time served in Vietnam has hurt my kid
And we sat up for hours at night and pondered
Will they someday hate me for doing what I did

We have sat and prayed to God almost every night
Please Lord don't make them have to suffer now
It was my choice to go over to help in the fight
I have seen those looks that want to ask me how

How could dad ever do what things had to be done
Why in the world did he ever choose to go to war
Then they sprayed that Agent Orange on everyone
Home for 41 years his mind's in the past so far

Nightmares still come to seek him out each night
After all the years he wonders what might come yet
He sleeps a few hours each night till dawn's light
As he looks back now he's proud to be a Vietnam Vet

Some veteran's kids never asked their dads why
Others have said it's just old history who cares
Some have very special daughters who aren't shy
They can see through those thousand yard stares

They love all Vet's but it's their dad who was the best
One special young lady is Lisa Chamberlin who has cared
Her dad's Carl a proud Veteran who passed his Vietnam test
She has paid homage to all of the veterans who have dared

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior - all rights reserved.

Carl Chamberlin was an exceptional airman and is highly respected by
his brother warriors from his days in Vietnam, his daughter is a very
special young lady who has always loved and has respected all of those
who have fought to help out those who couldn't defend their own freedom
by themselves and just wanted to maintain their freedom and their peace
for their own country. Lisa has always honored us everyday and I want to
honor her as well for being such a very special young lady to all of us
Vietnam Veterans.

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