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Life Walks These Streets

Life walks these streets
Happy and sad tears
are coming I see
with a speech
rehearsed from birth for me
There's no death in true life
or life in true death
In our sleep
Time eats away what's left for a fee
with our own fears
Life walks these streets
with a reach to teach
and stir up this sea on earth
Time has no required
joy or sorrow in mind to be
It's the same today
as it is tomorrow,
There are no tears for free
    to borrow
So life walks these streets
seeking and searching
for what it can find,
Pressing vivid images
     in our minds
Life walks these streets
to pamper and shackle our feet,
squeezing tears out our eyes
to see our laughs and hear our cries
     through the processing of time

copyrights 2010
Robert Anthony James

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Life Walks These Streets