life lessons?

little miss heroin

i used to think drug use was big, i used to think it was clever,
until i took the one drug i always said i'd never.

just because we sold a car and the lad couldn't pay,
we took his drugs and heroin was one, i'll never forget that day.

it was three weeks later when a mate who 'used' called round,
"any chance of a bit of that?", "yeh, no problem, sound".

"shall i cook you up a bit?, it'll give you a nice feeling!?",
little did i know that little miss heroin was planning a little stealing.

the first one was how can i say?, the best buzz i'd ever had, it was the best,
but i never knew then that for seven years she'd give me no rest.

from that first injection came two,  then three,  then four,
straight away she had me and i needed her more and more.

we came to be lovers, i needed her always in my arms,
there was no escaping from her alluring charms.

first thing in the morning and the last thing at night,
i got all the stuff ready so we could hold each other tight.

i'd intoduce her slowly, savouring the foreplay,
then we'd get there together and the world would fade away.

we'd drift among the clouds, arm in arm, above the turmoil on the ground,
and on a night it was peaceful in the sky with not a single sound.

she had me in her grasp and i never even knew,
i just went along with her, i didn't know what else to do.

within a month i'd left my home and landed in a strange, unfamiliar place,
just another unknown, random, newly arrived face.

soon enough i found her there, she was looking for me as well,
she wanted to introduce me personally to my new life of hell.

the list of things i did for her i cannot repeat here at all,
let me just say that to the gates of hell i hadn't far to fall.

i robbed for her, i lied for her,
and on more than one occasion i nearly died for her.

i loved her and i hated her, but in what measure of each changed every day,
all i knew for certain was that i couldn't send her away.

we travelled the country from devon to the tyne,i had her under control for a while, everything was fine,
then i broke up with a lass from durham and i was back with her, towing the line.

she nearly killed me five times, but luckily she failed each time,
i was saved from an early grave by a very good friend of mine.

eventually i got sent to jail after our seven year affair,
at last i was free of her, she couldn't get to me in there.

i was in long enough to break all ties with her i'm glad to say,
the sweet smell of life was overwhelming on my release day.

we've bumped into each other since then, but i've only kissed her twice,
i remembered she's ninety-nine percent nasty and only one percent nice.

i hope i never see her again, i don't want to go back where i've been,
i've got myself a new friend now, he's called mr. green.

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little miss heroin

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