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Who knows where its all gone?
Promises, dreams, rocking horses
to teenage jeans.

Springtime rains, colorful flowers,
honey bees, songbirds in budding trees.
Tricycles, bicycles, baseball cards,
swimming holes and fishing poles.

Bed sheets hanging on the line,
a lazy, yellow cat sunning on the
back porch, its tail keeping time.

Sunday afternoon, fried chicken,
ice cream, croquet in the front yard,
laughs of joy, kids playing with a
new toy.
The radio blares;
"That lucky old sun!"
Everyone seems to be
having great fun.

Rifle,jungle war,
nightmares behind
each door.

Puppy love, teenage love, true love.
marriage, kids, mortgage and
Grand kids galore.

time quickly passes, days turn to weeks,
months and years, a lifetime passed by.

Gray hair, anxiety, trembling
 hands, glasses, hearing aids
 walking cane and dippers too!  

Fading photographs, fading
memories and fading time…
all created by life's
little rhyme.

Where has it all gone…
gone with the last sunset…
just dust in the wind!

Jackie R. Kays
© 2011

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