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Over 400 years ago the seer and astrologer  (Michel de Nostredame)...better known as Nostradamus (1503-1566) composed four line verses (Quatrains) in his collective works called 'Centuries'
As a tribute to this remarkable man, I have attempted to recapture his forgotten craft.

Quatrain (55)

Mayan hands strike twelve.
Calender long count ends.
Cubic timed inversions.
Ponds Duplicities reflections.

Quatrain (63)

Death is Generous.
Synaptic Functions ceases..Flesh consumed.
Corporeal existence no more.
Quantum reality timed essence.

Quatrain (56)

Enlightened mystic living Gnosis.
Insights into the infinite revealed.
Direct experiential intuitive knowledge.
Divine and uncreated manifestations insists.

Quatrain (58)

New Paradigm is emerging.
From the ashes of a all consuming Phoenix.
Transformation of all human culture.
Fifth Dimension Cubic mathematical & Spherical words flowing inwards.

Copyright Hud 2011-2012. Writer/Poet/Philosopher.

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