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Teach the Truth

You know all about what I teach,
For my way of life is to reach;
As well as for my faith and love,
For our God who is above.

I am patient and I endure,
All of the things that are not pure;
As well as knowing of the kind,
Of persecutions in the mind.

But the Lord has still rescued me,
From the sufferings that could be;
Of who live an ungodly life,
That causes the toil and strife.

For there are some phony preachers,
Deceiving to be good teachers;
And know nearly every verse,
But are going from bad to worse.

And so they are trying to mislead,
By spreading the wrong kind of seed;
So the words that are being flung,
Are false that will come of the tongue.

Remember what God gave to you,
For you will find each word is true;
All has been inspired by God,
Those other teachings are just fraud.

Copyright 2010 Richard Newton Sherrer

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Teach the Truth