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There's a duty from the living
Towards the memory of the dead
Reflected in actions
As well as by things said.

As I looked around her flat
My heart was in my shoes.
What to keep and what to throw
With only me to choose.
The possessions of eighty nine years
Scattered around there for all to see
Treasures from a long long life
Their fate to be decided by me.
I tried to be understanding,
Could picture her face,
So I tried to sort with care
But I was in a short race
To get the place clean and empty
And give the landlord back the keys
So didn't have the luxury of
Working slowly and at my ease.
Decisions made
Treasures thrown
Making me think of
Possessions of my own.

One mans treasures are another's junk
But even when discarded and gone
Keep a picture in your mind
And events and occasions live on

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