once upon a time

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Me, why me I'm OK, doing good
In fact if you really watch me
You'll see everything is okay with me,.n
Never say or do anything rude at least don't think so.
I'll empty the cupboard and have another look

Bet you I shan't find any old cans of beans
If I do then I'll empty them out and take a look.
Do you believe I need to empty the cupboard?
I've taken a look in there many a time
Haven't seen or thought there was anything needed discarding
Although it's been awhile since I had a look
The cupboard is emptied out and the beans counted.

When I emptied that cupboard, boy did I get a shock?
Not doing so good. Saw myself as others see me.
Glad now I emptied the cupboard and had a good hard look
Don't want to throw away all the old cans.
Some of them may have gone green. I'll maybe hold on to them.
But I realize the need to empty the cupboard
To look inside once in awhile.

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