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Do not judge this life, it is said;
Watch those thoughts in your head.
For what seems to be truth to you,
Is from your perspective, that is true.

When higher we climb on life's mountain;
We drink from wisdom's sweet fountain.
What once seemed to be now seems untrue;
All changes when your perspective is new.

I have heard it said that truth is always firm;
When it is the reality within that we affirm.
Like walking on ice floats on a winter lake;
Perspective leads us to do a double take.

Reality is without question, it simply exists;
But our mind takes truth and it twists.
Open your heart and disconnect the mind;
With perspective, peace with reality is signed.

Walking into the sunlight, I shade my eyes;
Slowly I begin to see the truth and the lies.
Reality is, so simply walk forward in peace;
With perspective, judgment does release.


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