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 Family Parable (Part Four) The Phone Call

Tom had not called after the party
It was late and John began to worry
When the phone rang it was not Tom
Instead it was police sergeant Ed Lum

ED: Sorry to call so late, is your wife home
JOHN:  She is at work, right now I am here alone
ED:  Could we arrange to have a three-way call
        News I have about Tom is very urgent after all

JOHN:  I will try to reach her and call you back
ED:  Have her call me too and we will be on track
JOHN:  (Reaches Sally and tells her what he knows)
SALLY:  Tom is in God's hands, as her faith shows

ED:  Tom is in the hospital in ICU after he fell
        Full extent of his injuries is still too early to tell
        Call this number for more details when you arrive
        Make plans to catch the next flight rather than drive

JOHN:  Thanks Sgt. Lum it means a lot that you care
ED:  Tom is like family I watched him grow up here
SALLY:  I know Tom and your son were like brothers
ED:  In a small town, we all look out for one another

(Ed hangs up and John and Sally talk)

SALLY:  I will ask my boss for family leave
             God will carry us through this, you'll see
JOHN:  How can you remain so calm, Sally
            I feel responsible when Tom called Wednesday
SALLY:  We'll talk more when I get home
              You are not to blame for what happened to Tom

Carol Salter 2/8/11

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