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 Family Parable (Part Five) The Argument / Making Plans

Saturday morning, shortly before eight
They heard the latch open on the gate
It was Don and he looked very downcast
He heard about Tom on the AM newscast

DON:  Why didn't you even give me a call
           I am his only grandfather after all
           But maybe that doesn't matter to you
           Since you leave me out of his life too

JOHN:  Please calm down and let me explain
            We found out late and I was drained
            I was going to call you this morning
            But you came over without warning

DON:   So now I have to be invited here first
            Son, you may not be fully aware of this
            But Tom is heading down the road to hell
            God will hold you responsible as well

JOHN:  I don't need you laying on me the blame
            You always have a way of causing me shame
            All my life I have put up with your verbal abuse
            I want to be able to get along, but it is just no use

(Sally hears the yelling and enters the room)

SALLY:  Please stop all your bickering and fighting
              John we've got so much to do in planning
JOHN:    You're right, honey, sorry we got carried away
              Dad, I hope we have a better relationship someday

(Don leaves, with his head down, not knowing what to say)

JOHN:  I'll call the airport right now to book a flight
            Hopefully we can leave for Houston by tonight
(Reaches Ann in customer service on the phone)
            Yes, I need two tickets from Des Moines to Houston
            Do you have any seats available today or very soon

ANN:    I have an opening today for a flight leaving at two
JOHN:  Wonderful, we will take it, you just made our day
ANN:    Credit card number and email I can send confirmation
            Thank you, sir, it will remain confidential information

JOHN:    Sally, guess what, we board the plane today at two
SALLY:  Honey, I knew I could count on both God and you
JOHN:    We have three short hours before we need to go
              You finish packing, I'll take the dog to the kennel

Carol Salter 2/9/11

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