once upon a time



His actions implies simplicity.
Though when we look
Beyond the alleged absurdities'
We discover many complexities lie hidden
Beneath, the fools play acting.
Gets him through his working day,and relationships:-

Never reveals himself to anyone not even himself.
A jester one moment then, bewildering
To all he becomes the hidden man.
Down,way deep down his many talents
Never Revealed.Quickly thinks hide
Play the fool,can't let anyone in wouldn't do
People might get to know, I'm not the fool they see.

Many actions the fool observes in people.  
Knows they are hiding, he is nobody's fool, can see
Keen minds hiding from themselves.
Let's play the fool, easier softer way no one
Shall know me. Even when I hold my head up high,
And walk with you; talk with you, never shall you
See anyone except the man you perceive as, the fool.

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