once upon a time

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Cave Hill, famous, familiar, because of its nickname.
Napoleon's' nose sits atop Ben Madigan
Staring across at his distant cousin, Ben Nevis
Conjoined by strata, though destined never to reach out and be friends.

They will never let one another down
Gazing into Belfast Town, Cave hill, indomitable still.
Watching all the foibles of his minions below.
Their faults he cannot fix, though he wonders can they not change?
All the power of minds and legs, sadly he thinks,
They'll always remain this way.
They, like him, are conjoined yet apart in mindsets.

His portals always remain open,and mortals pass through
They watch the sea as he has for centuries
He thinks the sea changes, can they not understand?
Nothing is steadfast in their short lifespan
Held in bondage and often he cries silently.
Tears of rain run down into Belfast Town.
His despair as he watches an old familiar place destroyed by folly.

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