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Hey Nanny

The job is tough

The job is rough

But you put in for it.

Sitting at my desk

Looking In your file

Your background looks good

With an outstanding career.

And if all is true

You'll be sworn in,

But if all is faux

You'll be cast out.


Hey Nanny,

The job is strenuous

The job is hazardous,

But you stand in line for it.

Sitting at my desk

 For all is seen

You have good moral value

And good life etiquette.

And if all is legit

you'll be signing the bill,

But if all is factitious

you'll be extruded.


Now this is the job's description

For all that it is worth

My children need the best now

They have been used and abused

Their dignities have been stepped on

They have been beaten

And their bodies are bruised.


Now Nanny

I'm looking for 100% trust in you,

Absolute care for my children

Basic needs for my children

Health care when they are sick

Now Nanny

Should I go any further?

Do you think you can handle the job?

Please let me know!

If not, I'll turn the position onto your opponent,

And if he cannot handle the BALL either

I will turn it to Ronaldhino

                                               2011 _Patricia Etienne
                                              All rights reserved

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Hey Nanny



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